Monday, December 28, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Audi R8 LMS could be racing in ALMS GT Challenge class in 2011

Audi R8 LMS - click above for high res image gallery

When Audi announced its new GT3 class R8 LMS race car late last year it was expecting 2009 to be a year of learning and development. As it turned out, it was a hugely successful season, landing championships in the FIA European GT series, along with the German and Belgian national series. All told, the R8s captured 23 race victories.

In 2010 the new GT Challenge class for GT3 type cars will become a permanent fixture of the American Le Mans Series as the GT1 class is consigned to history. During the 2009 season, GT Challenge was mainly the province of Porsche 911s. However, with the R8s success in Europe this year, Audi is considering offering the car to North American customers for the 2011 season. While the car could probably be competitive in 2010, Audi wants to set up a customer support infrastructure first.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Proton Exora Turbo 2010

At Universiti Putra Malaysia during the “Proton Exora – The Making” seminar, Proton has unveiled ProtonExora Prestige Turbo Prototype. The powerplant based on the 1.6 liter CamPro with bolt on turbo system. The Prestige Concept is said to produce up to 270 horsepower with a torque figure that is rated at about 350Nm.Proton has been sending a group of engineers to

Lotus, UK to develop this turbo charged engine. The first result is expected to be out in 2010 or 2011. One of the reason to have turbocharged engine is the cost to develop another 2,0 campro will cost them a bomb. So the fast and easy solution is to add turbo on its 1.6 campro which capable to deliver power equivalent to of a 2.0l powerplant. It wipe out one major issue that the current Exora has, which is a lack of go. nice a simple air scoop.

Head cover should be in red colour. red mean racing spirit...

all malaysian will like this engine... trust me.

All new proton exora 1.6 turbo engine

Audi Calamaro Concept: A Flying Car?

Audi Calamaro Concept was developed by a designer Tibor for a design competition, organized by Porsche Hungary. Futuristic flying concept car looks like a cross between a speed boat and a plane. According to the designer, the shape is inspired by “the bone of the cuttlefish”.

It has no propellers, tires or thrusters. Maybe, it will be powered by a new type of power source that hasn’t been developed yet. It is a very interesting concept, but in addition to the unknown futuristic engine it maybe operated by some similar to "Back to the Future" movie engine.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

G-Power takes the BMW X6 M, X5 M to 600 hp and beyond

We all know what the biggest problem with the BMW X6 M is, right? Not nearly enough power. Sure, 555 hp from a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 is 5 hp more potent than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, making the X6 M the most powerful production SUV on earth. Still, 600 hp is the new black, so a stock X6 M just ain't going to cut it. Thank heavens, then, for G-Power.

Meet the G-Power Typhoon. Thanks to 15% increased airflow to the intercoolers, G-Power was able to wrangle an additional 45 hp out of the Bimmer's motivator. Torque's up a bit, too. From 500 lb-ft to 516. G-Power claims the 0-62 mph dash is lowered to 4.5 seconds, too. One issue with that, however: Inside Lineripped off a 4.3 second 0-60 mph blast in a stock X6 M, meaning this here Typhoon should be three flavors of bonkers.

Then there's the matter of looks, always a sticking point when discussing modern Bimmers. Here's what we recommend. Go down to your friendly neighborhood BMW dealer with a folding chair. Locate an X6. Sit down in front of it and start staring. Meditate, let everything else you've ever known or thought about cars and car design melt out of your mind. This should take between five and seven hours. The salespeople won't mind -- honest. When you snap out of your trance with your doors of perception suddenly nailed open, the X6 will appear to you as it truly is -- pretty okay-looking.

That settled, we'll admit to liking the G-Power's mods. For instance, you can't say the new front clip looks worse than the old one, can you? And who amongst you doesn't love 25mm profile tires riding on 23-inch wheels? There's all sorts of carbon fiber this and kevlar that available as well. The best part just might be that G-Power isn't leaving the X5 M -- the X6 M's ugly duckling sibling -- out in the cold, as there's a Typhoon kit for it, too. You know what word comes to mind? Nifty, all of it. Highly entertaining press release

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Infiniti Essence is just a concept hybrid supercar for Now

infiniti essence_concept
The Infiniti has really impressed everyone when they shown concept hybrid supercar, the Essence, during this year’s Geneva Motor Show. Car powered by twin-turbo V6 running in tandem with an electric motor, it was capable of delivering a combined rating of 592 HP.

Now, talking in insight about the concept, one of Infiniti’s executives, Ben Poore, revealed that it was a true phenomenal car, and opted to tease fans and the auto press by saying that the Essence concept is “only a show piece… as for now.”