Monday, December 15, 2008

The New Garrett GT Racecar is Here!

PHOENIX (AZ) - After a pair of testing sessions on 1/8 mile tracks, the Garrett Turbochargers/Bothwell Racing Team were ready to step up and race the brand new Garrett GT Mustang. The venue would be the Pacific Street Car Association's Outlaw 10.5" Tire class. It would be a test of the new engine program, the Garrett GT55R, a new platform and rear-wheel drive racing against competitors who have had all season and, for some, years to shake down their cars. The freshly-wrapped hauler pulled into the parking lot at Firebird Raceway and unloaded a stunning 2006 Mustang GT sporting a matching blue and red vinyl wrap. Immediately, competing racers were stopping by to question the newcomers and find out what the team was bringing to the table.
What the Garrett GT Mustang brought was a number one qualifying position with an ET of 7.568 seconds at 180.50 mph during the second round of qualifying in which driver Ron Lummus gained his PSCA license. Two competing cars would take notice and push themselves past Ron's time in the final round of qualifications, but Ron would still enter Sunday's eliminations mid-pack at the #3 spot.

The first round would pit Ron against the yellow Camaro of driver S. Zeinaty, the #4 qualifier. Ron would dispatch the competition with an ET of 7.722 seconds at 180.26 mph to Zeinaty's 7.794 seconds at 193.10 mph.

Round two scheduled Ron for a battle against top qualifier Ron Weems and his Pontiac Grand Am. When Weems failed to make the call due to mechanical issues, Ron took the bye run and powered the car down the track in 7.872 seconds at 176.21 mph to take him to the finals against R. Zehring and his super-consistent Camaro.

Zehring's times had been faster than the Garrett Mustang's all day by half a second. Zehring was having difficulty making the staging lanes, but the Garrett/Bothwell team, always good sports, decided to wait for their opponent and have the Outlaw 10.5 class conclude the event rather than make a run without a competitor. Finally, Zehring's rust-colored Camaro was pulled to the line. As the Garrett GT55R spooled on the line with the sound of a jet fighter preparing for launch, the team knew it would be a tough race. Though Ron got the holeshot, it would not be enough to fend off Zehring's charge as last year's class champion raced past to finish in 7.147 seconds at 200.41 mph. Ron lifted and cruised to 8.284 seconds at 127.71 mph.

All in all, it was a great weekend.There is much more to learn about the new racecar and the Bothwell team is sure to examine the data and test ways to improve speed, traction and power before the next event in Fontana, CA on October 20. Making the finals at the first race is a promising start for the Garrett GT Mustang!

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