Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Proton Savvy - Malaysian Moods.

"Size does not matter. It's how you move it. It's how it follows your moves".

The demands of average drivers compared to those who are more serious are expectedly different. At a pure business standpoint, volume will always take precedence over niche demands to rake in the profits, if not for statistical benefits. Comparisons of Proton's Savvy to Perodua's Myvi have been going on for quite a while with each camp throwing their points on the table. Debate is still on though at a lesser degree and i still can't believe people are wasting time with the issue. Of course the Savvy wins hands down!

In one of my correspondences with a Hypertune reader, he described the other car “is for aunties” and he was right. What's not to love about Savvy's brilliant handling? The engine might be a little too lightweight for most drivers liking but that's what the rigid chassis is for, max out the engine speed and take a corner like a roadrunner possessed. The Campro engine just makes the sure the driver won't too easily overpower the car itself, sort of like a built-in safety mechanism.

Unfortunately, the same Campro engine, or any Campro engine for that matter is practically impossible to tune. Average Sunway tuners might be interested to try but they are probably too busy fixing bolt-ons and finding more space to store their carbon fiber. So i guess it all depends on R3 then, which in a way prompted for a feature on this ride.

Not to say that its' powerplant has been tinkered with but also bear in mind that the motorsports division is known to keep a tight-lip on their R&D efforts, especially when the public is not asking. In an interview i had with them published some issues back, they are indeed looking at ways to wring more performance from the Neo. Let's not forget about their Gen.2s in rally and track cars too.

This car actually belongs to R3's media manager, Amin and does prove a point that it does not take much to turn the standard Savvy to a groovy Savvy. Their in-house bodykit is an instant and effective method in bringing out the true character of the car. The Zerokit body appendages makes the profile lower while at the same time accentuates the flared wheel arches tellingly. What i love most about it is the front part with a forward pointing lower lip that gives the 'plouging ahead' term a whole new meaning. A Zerokitted Savvy should really be featured in the coming 'Transformers' movie but probably my suggestion to the production house came in a little too late.

Proton Savvy Specs:
Engine: Standard 1.2 kiter, 4-cylinder 16-valve D4F
Performance: Maximum Power: 74 hp (55 kW) / 5,500 rpm
Maximum Torque: 105 Nm / 4,250 rpm
Fuel System: Multi-point fuel injection
Suspension : Front: MacPherson strut coil spring & stabilizer bar
Rear: Torsion beam axle
Brakes: Front: 13" ventilated disc Rear: Drum
Tires : Yokohama AVS Sport 195/45/15
Alloys : Enkei RS Class M

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