Thursday, January 17, 2008

Audi A5 TDI MTM.

For those who want S5 performance but would rather use diesel fuel Audi tuner MTM are offering their tuned version of the 3 litre V6 TDI A5. Boasting an impressive 300PS and 580Nm at a mere 1300 rpm the MTM A5 is certainly powerful, the BMW 650i has a mere 490Nm of torque in comparison.
All that power and torque transfers safely and easily through the excellent 6 speed gearbox into the well respected Quattro four wheel drive system. As with the S5 oversteer can be provoked when conditions allow and with such a surge of power so low down the MTM A5 is a really enjoyable drive. MTM’s refined suspension and 21” wheel package makes the handling not only razor sharp but exceptionally capable too. There are very few cars that have as much grip as this MTM A5, fewer still that weight about 250kgs under 2 tonne!
The grip, handling and power from the MTM tuned V6 TDI mean that this diesel A5 is actually a quicker car than the S5 on most roads. A twisty B road will see the S5 efficiently outpaced by the MTM TDI, although at the end of the journey the S5 driver will have had a far more comfortable trip, MTM’s wheel and up-rated suspension result in an exceptionally stiff and passenger unfriendly rid

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