Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ruf CTR 3.

As this is typed 20 orders have been taken for the Ruf CTR 3. It could be seen as the most dramatic incarnation of the Porsche Cayman yet it is so much more. For a start Ruf, who have been producing modified Porsche’s since 1963, have given the CTR 3 an ample 700PS twin turbo flat 6 power plant. Combined with a heavily improved chassis and suspension system and the CTR 3 is clearly a very fast and stable vehicle. The sequential six speed ‘box is light and easy to use, it does take a little time to get used to any sequential ‘box in a road car and the CTR 3 is no different. Once the driver has mastered pulling (to go up the ‘box) and pushing (to go down the ‘box) the sequential ‘box is as east to use as an H pattern gearbox in current production.
Ruf have created an exceptionally rapid sports coupe but they have not sacrificed usability for outright performance, the clutch doesn’t require super human effort to master, nor will it snap your leg off as it feeds in. The CTR 3 it is suitable for the school run or a trip to the newsagent for a bottle of milk, ESP keeps the power nicely in check when required and the suspension copes admirably with all road surfaces encountered ~ there are none of the traditional super car lurches, bangs or crashes on normal everyday roads, the CTR 3 really is a accomplished daily driver.
When performance and the Ruf CTR 3 are mentioned there are a few figures that spring to mind. Firstly the already mentioned 700PS, secondly a top speed of approximately 230mph and thirdly 890Nm of torque. With the sprint to 62mph taking a mere 3.2 seconds it is clear that the CTR 3 is blisteringly fast, it is in the true super car league.
If the dynamics and performance of the CTR 3 are impressive so is the mating of standard Porsche with Ruf genius. The interior is clearly directly from Zuffenhausen, retaining all the features and comforts one expects from a Porsche, including cup holder and Sat Nav. Yes the rear view mirror has been replaced by a mini-camera but even that doesn’t strike one as being out of place.
At over £345,000 it is clear that many more than 20 customers will be hard to find for this ├╝ber-Cayman, those that can afford the Ruf CTR 3 will have smiles as wide as
America across their faces from now until eternity.

TECH SPEC RUF CTR 3:~ 2 seat, 2 door Coupe. 3746cc 6 cylinder water-cooled flat six engine producing 700PS @ 7000rpm. 6 speed sequential gearbox. Rear wheel drive. Top speed 232mph. 0-62mph 3.2 seconds, 0-124mph 9.6 seconds.

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