Thursday, January 17, 2008

Audi S5.

354PS is more than enough for an enjoyable drive almost anywhere. If this 354PS comes from a V8 engine fitted in the front of Audi’s reasonably new coupe it means you are driving the mightily impressive Audi S5. Disparagingly called a larger version of the TT the A5 has proven to be a good coupe and the S5 is a very good sports coupe.
Internally there is ample space and the cockpit layout is very much driver orientated with good comfort levels. The dashboard is clean and clutter-free mirroring the exterior styling. Only subtle spoilers differentiating this S5 from its lower spec A5 siblings.

Precise steering and solid handling combine with the highly impressive V8 and 6 speed gearbox resulting in a car that is both quick and enjoyable on B roads, A roads, motorways and even the odd track day too. Normal, everyday driving is not a chore, the S5 handles town traffic, bumpy roads and traffic jams perfectly. Once free from mundane real world road worries the S5 comes alive, its 4 wheel drive system providing massive amounts of grip but allowing oversteer when desired. When the S5 needs to be slowed the brakes prove to be more than capable, bringing the Audi to a halt quickly and efficiently.

If you want a Bavarian performance coupe then the Audi S5 is a good choice and offers good value for money. Audi {link} have created a car that is not quite in the same league as the BMW M3 but it is certainly better than the Mercedes CLK 500 and
Alpina B3.

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