Friday, April 16, 2010

Import car market to continue a strong second half of the new models come more effort

The first half of 2008 on Chinas automobile market is not calm, apart from the automobile market changes of its own development, the beginning of the snowstorm, more or less 5.12 Sichuan earthquake also affected the domestic auto market, coupled with the 6.20 petrol price hikes the impact of that began to emerge in March from the relatively sluggish domestic car sales situation has not been improved much.

However, with this contrast, it is an imported car market, sales continued. Statistics show that the first quarter of this year, the number of imported vehicles totaled 102,000, an increase of as much as 72%! Although including the record by the VIN code the impact of the implementation of the policy to stimulate the vendors ahead of incremental orders, but the market itself, the increase in demand is also beyond doubt.

Another interesting phenomenon is that in 6.20, after rising oil prices, import car sales are still booming, with the domestic car market here, a large number of different orders revoked. This also shows to large displacement models mainly imported car market consumers prices for vehicles and vehicles are not very sensitive to changes in costs. At the same time, Mitsubishi, Toyota and other brands represented by the Department of imported cars on high-performance, low fuel consumption characteristics also successfully maintained a large number of consumers, in order to continue a domestic import car market to see high prices. As for the rumors in the upcoming August auto consumption tax hike, analysts believe that will not have a relatively high level of consumption of imported cars market inhibited.

For this reason, the second half of this year, all manufacturers will have to introduce more models to meet domestic consumer demand for high-end imported vehicles. Conform to the import of hot-selling SUV trend, BMW X6, Infiniti EX35, Buick, Kia Pa sharp second half also will be the introduction of sales, to seize more market segments SUV.

North Americas two-door sports car fashion ECLIPSE

The SUV models already in the great success of Mitsubishi Motors, in the beginning of the year following the introduction of the award-winning original imports after OUTLANDER EX 2.4, while the eyes locked in two different models on the import location, in April in Beijing auto show has been amazing debut of the countless fans of the LANCER EVOLUTION mouth drooling with greed, as well as popular in North America, two-door sports car fashion ECLIPSE.

Fashion sports ECLIPSE

It is reported that Mitsubishi Motorss introduction of these two new models in October this year -12 are all listed for sale during the month. We can see that the two full personality, style of different models to the Chinese automotive market for different types of consumer groups launched an offensive market. In fact, these two cars have been a few changes to improve research and development on behalf of the latest models, has long had high visibility and their many fans. This time, Mitsubishi Motors to make timely introduction of these two domestic car fans look forward to a long time but I believe it will have good market prospects.

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