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Mercedes - Benz SL-class public sale of 119.8-1468000

Mercedes - Benz SL-class luxury sports car

Sina Automotive News December 31, 2009 This year, Mercedes - Benz SL Class convertible sports car in its segment sales have been among the best. In order to further meet China's consumer demand for Mercedes-Benz roadster, Mercedes - Benz (China) Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. announced today that its SL-level luxury two-seat convertible sports car - SL 300 officially landed in China market, and advance the introduction of China and a decent market performance of the SL 350 also released the latest upgrade, two models priced at 1,198,000 yuan and 1,468,000 yuan.

first entry into the Chinese market, SL 300 models not only SL-Class luxury sports car segment of the market price advantage of more and more extensive product line SL Class Mercedes-Benz will also further strengthen the top-luxury convertible sports car market leading position, and will attract more high-end users attention.

Mercedes - Benz SL-class equipped with electric retractable folding hard top

Mercedes - Benz SL-class has a proud history of accumulation and transmission. As early as 1952, Mercedes - Benz 300 SL sports car, which by virtue of superior performance sweep, including Le Mans 24 Hour race, including a number of motor sports. 300 SL is more for its unique and original lead of the streamlined body of the gull-wing doors to guide the trend of automobile development, became the symbol of the times. Mercedes - Benz has also seen from its enormous market potential. 1954 Mercedes-Benz introduced the first generation of SL models —— civilian version of 300 SL sports car, its successful initial public offerings for the SL-class laid the foundation for the development of sports car.

Today, after over half a century the development of six-generation model, SL-class luxury two-seat convertible sports car has become a symbol of Mercedes-Benz sports car in the products, and beautiful design with unparalleled luxury sports car market were well received. SL-class visual impact of the design of highly integrated Mercedes - Benz of traditional elements and stylish aesthetics, will be the ultimate embodiment of dynamic charm most vividly: the former hood dynamic processes on the eye-catching design lines, and body 2 Shark gill slits lateral type of cooling exports, coupled with a pair of look sharp, pick the shape of the bi-xenon headlights, without exception, with a strong visual impact makes heart beat faster. The Mercedes-Benz sports car's iconic flechette front air grille with inlaid emblem of one of the three-pronged star, then the Mercedes-Benz sports car embodies the classic heritage.

in the SL-class interior designers are using the latest technology to give those driving Mercedes - Benz exclusive luxury comfort. With heated multi-function ventilation imitation luxury seats, AIRSCARF head and neck warm air system so that those who can not only enjoy driving long-distance driving comfort, while open-top driving condition can still maintain a warm and pleasant. In addition, SL-class to have a folding hard Ceiling unrestrained passion and temperament. The interior roll cage Gengrang SL-class safety performance improved significantly? D? D of the SL-Class in 1989 by the first application of security technology has become an open-top sports car since emulated by many objects.

The introduction of the Chinese market, SL 300 model is equipped with 2996 milliliters engine, it can output 170 kilowatts of power and 300 Nm of torque, driving this car weighing 1.8 tonnes of 7.8 seconds Within begins with static acceleration to 100 kilometers an hour, while its body is only 0.3 of the ultra-low drag coefficient is given the SL 300 is only 9.3 liters of fuel per hundred kilometers, while its carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer is only 217 grams, at the same level of car type for their outstanding performance. As the SL-Class models in the lowest energy consumption and emission models, SL 300 in order to lower emissions still provide customers in China has brought Herd driving passion.

as the SL-class high-distribution models, upgraded version of SL 350 in the folding hard roof equipped with a panoramic sunroof, so that occupants are either on or off car roof can enjoy plenty of sun. While its 18-inch light-alloy wheels 5 and again reinforced the intake SL-class charm.

this listing Mercedes - Benz luxury two-seat Roadster SL 300 and the upgraded version of SL 350, with the existing SL 500 together make up the SL-class in China, a strong team and further consolidated three-pointed star emblem in the sports car market leader status, and to enrich the product line for the Chinese consumers more choice of luxury sports car.

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