Friday, April 16, 2010

Nissan 2009 GT-R’s 480-hp

The specifications are important for any upcoming vehicle model, like the 2009 Nissan GT-R. These are crucial because these Nissan Parts and features help market the product at hand to potential customers. As important as the specs are, the Japanese automobile company has yet to dish out the final horsepower output of this upgraded muscle car slated for release in the United States early next year.
As of posting, the only specs available are for the Nissan GT-R vehicles that are allotted for the Japanese market release next week. This model, which is equipped with precision-engineered Nissan Parts, is capable of as much as 473-horsepower. The US version of the Nissan GT-R, however, is going to be more powerful according to the company’s project chief Kazutoshi Mizuno. A whopping 480-horsepower is the targeted strength of this latest find of Nissan.

Slated to hit dealerships across America in January, the Nissan GT-R, which has a projected total units of more than a thousand cars annually, will be carrying a burning tag price of $69,850.

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