Friday, April 16, 2010

On the Nissan Forum Concept

Nissan Motor Company is keen in keeping motorists and automobile enthusiasts excited as it releases bits and pieces about its upcoming concept car christened as Nissan Forum. New sketches of the futuristic minivan came out as teasers to its debut introduction in the 2008 Detroit Auto Show in Tennessee this January.

Nissan Forum Turntable  Seating

Among the unique Nissan Parts the Forum Concept has is the ‘Turntable Seating.’ These middle seats are designed to be capable of a 90 or a 180-degree rotation. So, these can face the back row that makes the passengers more intimate in terms of the positions of the seats. Such feature of the Nissan Forum, however, is said to be similar to the American-made 2008 Chrysler Town and Country mini van with the ‘Swivel n Go’ seats.

Aside from the futuristic seats of the Forum, there are other Nissan Parts that are still kept undisclosed by the Japanese automobile company. This initiative taken by the company is meant to keep the highlights of the vehicle down low to avoid other automobile manufacturers in copying its ideas.

Nissan Forum front  passenger seats

The few details being given away by the company is sure to make rear passengers-focused Nissan Forum one of the anticipated concepts in the annual auto show.

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