Friday, April 16, 2010

Nissan acquired NISMO’s light tuning division

Nissan Motor Company has recently acquired the light Nissan parts tuning division of the Nissan Motorsports International Company (or NISMO). This was done so that such service may be availed easily as this will be evenly distributed in Nissan dealerships across Japan.

The division of light Nissan parts tuning has a bigger following compared to motor sports tuning. For that, the service that has a bigger demand has to reach more customers, thus Nissan took hold of the light-tune auto parts business. In this set up, more Nissan owners that are seeking expertise on NISMO light auto parts and tuning can avail of the service practically in any Nissan dealer in Japan.

Aside from benefiting the light-tune parts customers, the reorganization is also a convenient for NISMO heavy-tune parts division. With the light tuning division out from its wing, this Nissan affiliate can further focus more on developing and tweaking NISMO performance parts of racers and enthusiasts geared for the speed world or other motor shows.

Customizing and tuning are some of the booming markets in the automobile industry that Nissan has taken advantage of in its homeland. In a few years, the company is also planning to bring the same services abroad.

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